Planta Mundi

The PlantaMundi List

Initiatives that we believe share our goal of planting and protecting.

The list results from our work and is expandable. Please send suggestions to

In addition to initiatives that we include in the list, there are many others with the same or similar goals. Some of them plant and protect trees, for example agroforestry initiatives. Ecovillages consciously protect and plant trees. Communities such as Auroville and Tamera began on eroded land, and today trees and forest grow there. Many initiatives use other ecologically effective methods to respond to climate change, for example, they create and protect wetlands (see: Ramsar Convention).

PlantaMundi may list a small selection of ecologically sound commercial tree planting initiatives. However, the list is not a directory of profit-oriented business models for tree planting, regardless of whether they are ecologically very effective or not at all.

We cannot list initiatives and companies with the business model

A copy of the complete original list is valid only in version of the current website and with reference to the source. Official data of initiatives of course can be used.

Plantamundi is a non-commercial initiative becoming a foundation.