Planta Mundi

We are only in it for the future

Extensive forests and wetlands are a basis of the vegetation that has been creating the climate for the diversity of animal species and humanity for millions of years.

This foundation is increasingly being destroyed: well-developed forests are slashed, burned down, and poisoned by mining. The cleared land is mostly used for climate-damaging monoculture, which accelerate the extinction of species.

Initiatives planting and protecting trees can create forest landscapes worldwide that contribute to biodiversity and stop the foreseeable uninhabitability of large areas of the earth. Fewer people would have to leave their homes due to a lack of resources and a life-threatening climate.

A wiki where people collect and pass on knowledge who want to plant and protect trees themselves in all suitable places in the world. Sustainable, with joy and respect. Independent, non-commercial and controlled by the people planting the trees. Would that be something?

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